Different LinkedIn Account Types: A Complete Pricing Comparison & Features Guide


Choosing the right LinkedIn account type is crucial for maximizing the platform’s potential for your professional needs. Whether you’re a job seeker, a business professional, a sales specialist, or a recruiter, LinkedIn offers a variety of account types tailored to specific goals. This guide provides a detailed overview of the different LinkedIn account types, including their features, costs, and best use cases, to help you make an informed decision.

Overview of LinkedIn Account Types

LinkedIn is a powerful professional networking tool that offers several account types designed to cater to various needs. These include the Basic (Free) account, Premium Career, Premium Business, Sales Navigator Core, Sales Navigator Advanced, Sales Navigator Advanced Plus, Recruiter Lite, Recruiter, and LinkedIn Learning.

1. LinkedIn Basic (Free) Account


  • Profile Creation: Build and manage your professional profile.
  • Connection Requests: Connect with other professionals.
  • Basic Search: Use basic filters to search for people, jobs, and companies.
  • Content Publishing: Share posts and engage with content.


  • Limited Search Results: Access only the first 1000 results.
  • Commercial Use Limit: Restricts intensive use for lead generation.
  • No Advanced Features: Lack of InMail credits and advanced search capabilities.
  • Profile Views: Limited visibility on who viewed your profile.


FeatureLinkedIn Basic (Free) Account
Profile CreationYes
Connection RequestsYes
Basic SearchYes
Content PublishingYes
InMail MessagesNo
Advanced Search FiltersNo
Profile View Insights5 recent viewers in the last 90 days

2. LinkedIn Premium Career

Features and Benefits

  • Cost: $29.99/month  (Disclaimer: Some prices are custom and may change due to your location.)
  • 5 InMail Messages: Directly message recruiters and professionals outside your network.
  • Profile View Insights: See who viewed your profile in the last 90 days.
  • Job Insights: Access detailed insights about job postings and applicants.
  • Salary Insights: View salary data to negotiate better offers.
  • LinkedIn Learning Access: Enhance your skills with over 16,000 courses.

Best For

Job seekers looking to get hired faster by leveraging enhanced visibility and insights.

Comparison: Basic vs. Premium Career

FeatureLinkedIn BasicPremium Career
InMail MessagesNo5/month
Profile View InsightsLimited (5 recent viewers in the last 90 days)Yes (List of viewers, viewer trends, and insights for past 365 days)
Job InsightsNoYes
Salary InsightsNoYes
LinkedIn LearningNoYes

3. LinkedIn Premium Business

Features and Benefits

  • Cost: $59.99/month (Disclaimer: Some prices are custom and may change due to your location.)
  • All Career Features: Includes all benefits of Premium Career.
  • 15 InMail Messages: Increased messaging capability.
  • Unlimited People Search: Remove the search limit for more extensive lead generation.
  • Company Insights: Gain detailed insights into companies.

Best For

Business professionals looking to expand their network and generate leads.

Comparison: Premium Career vs. Premium Business

FeaturePremium CareerPremium Business
InMail Messages5/month15/month
Unlimited People SearchNoYes
Company InsightsNoYes

4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core

Features and Benefits

  • Cost: $99.99/month (Disclaimer: Some prices are custom and may change due to your location.)
  • Advanced Search Filters: Over 30 filters to precisely target leads.
  • 50 InMail Messages: Directly message prospects with ease.
  • Lead and Account Lists: Organize and track potential clients.
  • Real-Time Insights: Stay updated with alerts and notifications.
  • Saved Searches: Save and automate searches for continuous lead generation.

Best For

Sales professionals aiming to build and maintain relationships with potential buyers.

Comparison: Sales Navigator Core vs. Advanced

FeatureSales Navigator CoreSales Navigator Advanced
InMail Messages50/month50/month
Advanced Search FiltersYesYes
Lead and Account ListsYesYes
Real-Time InsightsYesYes
TeamLinkYesYes (Also have access to TeamLink Groups)
Smart LinksNoYes
CSV UploadNoYes

Tips for Effective Use

  • Utilize Advanced Filters: Refine your searches to target the most relevant leads.
  • Leverage InMail Wisely: Craft personalized messages to engage prospects effectively.
  • Regularly Update Lead Lists: Keep your lists organized with notes and reminders.
  • Stay Informed with Alerts: Use real-time insights to tailor your outreach.
  • Explore Lead Recommendations: Discover new prospects regularly recommended by LinkedIn.

Visual Representation of Sales Navigator Dashboard

Imagine a user-friendly dashboard with a search bar at the top, filter options on the left, and a list of leads in the main section. The right panel displays alerts, recommendations, and insights, providing a comprehensive view of your sales activities.

5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced

Features and Benefits

  • Cost: $149/month (Disclaimer: Some prices are custom and may change due to your location.)
  • All Core Features: Includes all benefits of Sales Navigator Core.
  • TeamLink: Identify warm introductions through team connections.
  • Smart Links: Share and track content interactions with prospects.
  • CSV Upload: Import bulk data for efficient lead management.

Best For

Sales teams looking to collaborate effectively and manage leads more efficiently.

Tips for Effective Use

  • Use TeamLink: Leverage team connections for warm introductions.
  • Track Interactions with Smart Links: Monitor prospect engagement with shared content.
  • Utilize CSV Upload: Save time by bulk importing leads from other databases.

6. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus

Features and Benefits

  • Cost: Custom pricing
  • All Advanced Features: Includes all benefits of Sales Navigator Advanced.
  • CRM Synchronization: Seamlessly integrate with your CRM system.
  • Real-Time Contact Updates: Get notifications when prospects change jobs or companies.
  • Advanced Ads Manager: Optimize ad campaigns for better targeting.

Best For

Large enterprises needing comprehensive sales solutions with advanced integration capabilities.


Enterprises can leverage Advanced Plus for synchronized sales efforts, real-time updates, and enhanced ad targeting to maintain a competitive edge.

7. LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

Features and Benefits

  • Cost: $170/month for single user (Disclaimer: Some prices are custom and may change due to your location.)
  • 30 InMail Messages: Contact candidates directly without needing a connection.
  • Advanced Search Filters: Use around 20 filters to find the ideal candidates.
  • Candidate Recommendations: Receive daily candidate suggestions based on your criteria.
  • Recruiting CRM: Manage your recruiting process with a built-in ATS system.
  • Job Posting: Post job offers and manage applicants within LinkedIn.

Best For

Recruiters and hiring managers looking to streamline candidate sourcing on LinkedIn.

Tips for Effective Use

  • Use Advanced Filters: Narrow down candidate searches with precision.
  • Regularly Check Recommendations: Utilize daily candidate suggestions to save time.
  • Leverage Job Posting: Centralize job applicants and outreach efforts for efficient recruiting.

Comparison: Sales Navigator vs. Recruiter Lite

FeatureSales NavigatorRecruiter Lite
InMail Messages50/month30/month
Advanced Search FiltersYesYes
Lead and Account ListsYesNo
Candidate RecommendationsNoYes
Recruiting CRMNoYes
Job PostingNoYes

8. LinkedIn Recruiter

Features and Benefits

  • Cost: Custom pricing
  • All Recruiter Lite Features: Includes all benefits of Recruiter Lite.
  • 150 InMail Messages: Substantially increased messaging capability.
  • Bulk InMail Sending: Send messages to multiple candidates at once.
  • ATS Integration: Seamlessly integrate with applicant tracking systems.

Best For

Recruitment firms and large organizations with extensive hiring needs.


Recruitment firms can benefit from LinkedIn Recruiter’s advanced features for managing large-scale hiring processes and integrating with existing ATS systems.

9. LinkedIn Learning

Features and Benefits

  • Cost: $39.99/month (Disclaimer: Some prices are custom and may change due to your location.)
  • Access to 21,000+ Courses: Learn new skills across various professional fields.
  • Personalized Course Recommendations: Get course suggestions based on your interests.
  • Certificates of Completion: Showcase your newly acquired skills on your profile.

Best For

Professionals looking to enhance their skills through continuous learning.


Using LinkedIn Learning, professionals can stay updated with industry trends, gain new competencies, and increase their employability by adding certifications to their LinkedIn profiles.


LinkedIn offers a variety of account types tailored to different professional needs. Whether you’re a job seeker, business professional, sales specialist, or recruiter, there is a LinkedIn account type that can help you achieve your goals. Start with a free LinkedIn account and explore the benefits of upgrading to a premium plan that suits your needs.

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