How Much Does LinkedIn Sales Navigator Cost?

How much does LinkedIn Sales Navigator Cost?


Imagine having a compass that shows you exactly where to find the best people to help grow your business. That’s what LinkedIn Sales Navigator does.

In a nutshell, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a super tool that helps you find and connect with the right people on LinkedIn, making it easier to turn connections into customers.

The tricky part: figuring out how much it costs. And which plan to choose.

There are different plans, each with its own features and prices, and it can get pretty confusing for many, especially those who have never used it much.

That’s why we’ve put together this clear and updated LinkedIn Sales Navigator pricing guide.

In this guide, we’ll break down how much LinkedIn Sales Navigator costs, what you get with each plan, and how you can choose the best fit for your needs. 

Whether you’re a one-person team or part of a big company, we’ll help you navigate through the options. 

Ready to dive in? 

Let’s get started and find out how LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help your business in 2024.

Overview of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool designed to help sales professionals find and build relationships with the right prospects on LinkedIn. It offers advanced search capabilities, personalized algorithms, and insights to turn LinkedIn into a lead generation machine.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Pricing Plans

LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers three main pricing plans: Core, Advanced, Advanced Plus. Each plan is designed to cater to different needs and sizes of businesses.





  • Cost:  $99/month or $959.88/year
  • For professionals seeking new buyers, clients, or partners.
  • Features:
    • Premium features, plus:
    • Access to over 50+ advanced lead & account search filters to refine your search
    • Lead recommendations that are tailored based on saved searches 
    • Customize and manage lists to prioritize and track important leads and accounts


  • Cost: $149/month or $1,300/year
  • For sales teams and professionals seeking comprehensive access.
  • Features:
    • All Core features plus:
    • Effortlessly upload your Book of Business using a CSV file.
    • Receive notifications when potential buyers express interest in your company.
    • Enjoy unified billing for your entire team.

Advanced Plus 

  • Cost: Custom pricing (contact LinkedIn for details). Will start at $1,600/seat/year 
  • For enterprise sales teams seeking comprehensive access and CRM integration.
  • Features:
    • Includes all features from Core and Advanced plans.
    • Updates your CRM with data validation.
    • Enables integration of CRM contacts.
    • Provides advanced integrations for enterprise systems

Comparison of Pricing Plans

FeatureCoreAdvancedAdvanced Plus
Cost (monthly)
(All plans offer a 20% discount for annual subscriptions.)
 $99/month or $959.88/year$149/month or $1,300/yearCustom,
starting at $1,600/seat/year
InMail Credits5050150
Advanced SearchYesYesYes

Free Trials and Discounts

LinkedIn offers a 1-month free trial for new users. This is a great way to explore the features of Sales Navigator and see if it meets your needs before committing to a paid plan.

To help you maximize your free trial, watch this 5-minute video on using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to generate leads. 

Inside, you’ll discover how to make the most of the following features:

  • Saved search
  • Lead lists
  • Who viewed your profile
  • Exporting leads from sales navigator


If you want to go next level, you can also watch this 8-minute video for using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for lead generation, where you explore: 

  • How to find leads that fit your targeting criteria through advanced filters. 
  • How to use prospect data available in Sales Navigator to find reasons to engage with your prospects 


Key Features and Benefits

1. Advanced Lead and Company Search

This feature allows you to search for leads and companies with detailed filters. You can find prospects based on industry, job title, company size, and more.

Benefit – Targeted Prospecting:       

Easily locate your ideal clients by filtering through millions of profiles to find those that match your specific criteria, saving you time and increasing your efficiency.

2. Lead Recommendations

Sales Navigator provides personalized lead recommendations based on your sales preferences and past searches, saving you time and effort in finding new prospects.

Benefit – Continuous Prospecting:

Receive ongoing suggestions for new leads that match your ideal client profile, ensuring a steady pipeline of potential opportunities.

3. InMail Messages

With Sales Navigator, you get a certain number of InMail credits each month, allowing you to send messages to any LinkedIn user, even if you’re not connected.

Benefit – Better Engagement: 

Use InMail messages and real-time insights to engage with prospects at the right time with relevant information

4. Real-Time Insights

Stay updated with real-time insights on your saved leads and accounts. This includes news mentions, job changes, and other relevant updates that can help you engage at the right time.

Benefit – Stay Informed:

Stay ahead of the competition by getting timely updates about your prospects, enabling you to tailor your outreach and maintain relevance in your communications.

5. CRM Integration

Sales Navigator integrates with popular CRM systems, allowing you to seamlessly import lead and account information and manage your sales pipeline more effectively.

Benefit – Streamlined Workflow: 

Sync your sales activities and updates directly with your CRM, reducing manual data entry and ensuring your sales pipeline is accurately tracked.


6. TeamLink

If you’re working in a team, this feature allows you to see if your colleagues are connected to your leads, making introductions easier and leveraging your team’s network.

Benefit – Enhanced Networking: 

Utilize your team’s connections to expand your reach and get warm introductions to potential leads, increasing the likelihood of successful engagements


User Reviews and Testimonials

Many users have found LinkedIn Sales Navigator to be an invaluable tool for their sales efforts. Here’s what some of them have to say:          

“LinkedIn Sales Nav – A pro saleman/woman’s best friend”     

“LinkedIn Sales Nav – A pro saleman/woman’s best friend”     


“LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a game changer for finding ideal client profile prospects “


“Managing my Pipeline with the best dashboard”


“Best tool for reaching out and qualifying prospects”


“Amazing Tool for Prospecting and Finding New B2B Leads”


Here are More Sales Navigator Tutorials to Help You Maximize your Subscription:        

How To Export LinkedIn Sales Navigator Leads – B2B Lead Generation

Watch this video if you want to easily export your leads from Sales Navigator search into a CSV or Excel file, including verified professional emails and phone numbers.


How Our Founder, Youssef, Exported 1812 Sales Navigator Leads (and 1,021 of their emails) In Just 5 Minutes Instead of 5 Days


How To Export Your LinkedIn Contacts And Find Their Professional Emails

Watch this video if you want a walkthrough on retrieving your contact data from LinkedIn and get more data pieces including the professional emails of your connections.


How Our Founder, Youssef, Exported 7090 Leads From Sales Navigator, Including 5380 of Their Professional Emails (Using Only 1 Tool)


How To Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator For Lead Generation

Watch this video if you want to leverage a LinkedIn Sales Navigator feature that will notify you automatically every time there is a new lead fitting your criteria.



LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an awesome tool for anyone in sales who wants to find and connect with the right people. It helps you get better leads, stay updated on your prospects, and build stronger relationships. 

By choosing the right plan and using all the features, you can really boost your sales game. Don’t forget to try the free trial to see how it works for you and how it can help your business grow in 2024.

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